5,000Ltr AVGAS Military Refueller


The vehicle will serve as a small capacity, AVGAS Refueller for the RAF. It is designed to carry out a range of fuelling duties at prepared airfields and bulk fuel installations. The complete vehicle will conform to the relevant EEC and UK road vehicle legislation.

Operating Temperature -20°C to +35°C



Capacity: 5000L usable capacity
Material: Aluminium Alloy

Flow Rate

60/100 Litres per minute through a single boom and hosereel mounted open line delivery hose and overwing nozzle.

Self loading the carrier tank from an outside source at flow rates up to 100 Litres per minute.

Defuelling an aircraft at flow rates up to 100 Litres per minute using hosereel and boom hoses simultaneously.

The vehicle will be capable of being bottom loaded up to 1300 Litres per minute.

Bonding Reel

5 meters long

Delivery Line

Hose Reel

25 x 15 meters


The Boom will be capable of operating 360° from the stowage point so that it may be deployed on either side of the vehicle. The Boom will extend at least 4.2m from the side of the vehicle and in the raised position extend upwards at least 5m from the ground. The boom hose will extend at least 3.6m beyond the Boom end.


Filter water separator, capable of flow rates up to 136litres per minute


Satam positive displacement meter with a mechanical display

Brake System

Mechanical overriding/parking brakes

Safety Equipment

Two 9kg stored pressure dry powder fire extinguisher are fitted on the vehicle. A 2kg dry powder fire extinguisher fitted in the cab.