Buddy Helicopter Fuel Transfer System


The Fluid Transfer Air Landed Aircraft Refuelling Point (ALARP) has been designed for open line and closed line refuelling of turbine powered rotary wing and small fixed wing aircraft at flow rates of up to 600 litres / minute using Avtur F34 / Jet – A1 turbine fuels through a twin system of Lay flat hose assemblies

  • Air Landed Aircraft Refuelling Point System (ALARP
  • Refuelling and Defuelling Capability
  • 600 lpm nominal flow rate via a twin open line trigger nozzle*
    *refuelling performance quoted at sea level, 18°C and subject to prevailing suction and discharge conditions.
  • Electric motor for emptying hoses
  • Power connection for supply from the aircrafts 28v electric outlet
  • Pump vacuum pressure gauge -30 - 0 psi (Ø63mm)
  • Pump delivery pressure gauge 0 - 160 psi (Ø63mm)
  • 2½” self - sealing (ISO45) tank unit complete with sealed dust cap
  • 2” Unisex Outlet Connection
  • Layflat Hose Assemblies compliant to BS EN ISO 1825:2010
  • Weather proof protective carry bags
  • Open line and closed line optional refuelling capabilities
  • BC fire extinguisher in a quick release stowage
  • Hand rewind bonding reel
  • Earth bonding spike

Distribution Hoses

This system includes layflat fuel handling hoses that are fitted with an integral bonding wire and comply to the latest standards for ‘Rubber Hoses and Hose Assemblies for Aircraft Ground Refuelling and Defuelling’ – Specification BS EN ISO 1825: 2010.

This standard of hose is utilised internationally on both commercial and military applications and we would consider it to be the minimum standard to work to

  • 8 off – 15m x Ø2” Elaflex Type FHD Lay flat Hose Assemblies
  • 16 off - Ø2” Unisex Couplings with 100 MESH strainers and protective caps
  • 8 off – Weather proof protective carry bags

Nozzles & Couplings

2 off – Closed line Refuelling Nozzles
2 off – Open line Refuelling Nozzles

Pump Unit

The pump unit section of the system is used for the rapid emptying of the hoses prior to stowage of the equipment.

Designed to be operated with a Zone 1 Hazardous Area.

The ALARP is used in advanced areas of conflict when it is necessary to refuel helicopters and operational vehicles from the aircrafts own fuel tanks. A compact man portable system, consisting of ridged suction hose and layflat distribution hoses coupled together with quick release dry break couplings. The system includes a distribution manifold that has an integral pump powered by the 28 volt aircraft electrical supply used to strip the lines ensuring that no fuel is spilt during disassembly of the hoses.

Where rigid pipework is employed within the pump set delivery system it will be constructed in grade 304L seamed stainless steel pipework and fittings. Pipework is back purged with argon during the welding process to ensure a consistent weld quality.