Fluid Transfer International has recently developed a 2” full bore HIFR assembly that is compliant with STANAG 3842 suitable for ship to helicopter refuelling.

The system is manufacture in facility in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, offering an emergency airborne refuelling capacity that is simple to use and maintain. There are no internal restraint cables yet the system is fully electrically conductive.


  • Hose End Pressure Controller with cap fitted with a 45 Psi pressure regulator.
  • 3 meter length of non collapsible hose
  • Upper elbow manufactured in Aluminium fitted with a STANAG 3847 lifting eye
  • Break away Coupling with a breaking point of between 180 and 270Kgs
  • Non return valve
  • 30 meter length of semi-lay flat rubber hose
  • Lower elbow manufactured in Aluminium Fitted with a deck tie down point.
  • ISO 45 dry break deck connection and cap

In the event of the HIFR having to comply with the Germanischer Lloyd’s requirement a second dry break coupling is fitted at the bottom elbow.