1500L Military Refueller Trailer


This Towable Refuelling Unit is required for overwing nozzle refuelling for small aircraft. This Refuelling unit is built to include all the necessary facilities and components in accordance with the latest NFPA, IP Model Code of Safe Practices and JIG req uirements.


Overall Length 376cm
Tank Length 193cm
Overall Width 158cm
Overall Height 158cm

Tank Shell

4.00mm thick aluminium alloy with a built in channel to ensure sump is at lowest point roll over protection for tank fittings

Draw Bar

Triangular shaped drawbar complete with 50mm coupling head and jockey wheel

Manhole Cover

Lockable manhole cover fitted on tank top complete with inspection cover and relief valve


Yanmar L40 2ā€ MK3 Alcon or equivalent pump with viton seal


Meter shall be PD type calibrated in Litres with non-resettable totalizer

Bonding Reel

Hand rewind with 25M bonding cable terminating with a robust crocodile clip. The bonding cable is highly visible at night. The resistance is less than 25ohms


All pipework and drains are stainless steel


Filter vessel is of an appropriate flow rating that is suitable for overwing nozzle refuelling. FWS/FM complies to the latest edition of EI 1581/ EI 1583

Hose and Overwing Nozzle

One length 25mm DIA. ā€˜Cā€™ type X 10m discharge hose with span fix fittings and ZVF25 aviation nozzle ā€“ with stowage. Elaflex

Discharge Valve

25mm diameter ball valve with facility to dispense from tank or self-load from outside

Brake System

Mechanical overriding/parking brakes