7,000Ltr Diesel Support Vehicle


A 7,000 litre product tank mounted on a MAN Medium Mobility HX58 or Improved Medium Mobility SX44 chassis. These vehicles are constructed to European ADR and International Maritime Dangerous Goods regulations. They are equipped with 2 x hose reels discharging to the rear of the vehicle, bulk off-loading capability and are compatible with civilian fuel depot operations. Off road operations can be undertaken with these vehicles.



Height: 3,311mm (Guide rail stowed)
Width: 2,550mm
Length: 9,160mm

Operating Temp Range

-35C to +49C (Operating)
-46C to +49C (Survivable)

Flow Rate

1,000 LPM Bulk Off Loading (Metered)
900 LPM Off Loading (Un-Metered)
250 LPM through each Reel Hose (Metered)
25 LPM Can Filling Hoses (Metered)
Bottom Loading
1,000 LPM, self loading from outside source (Tankers, Bag Tanks etc)

Fuel Pump

Alfons Haar Vane Pump (Hydraulically driven)


Loading 1000 micron strainer, Pump 3000 micron strainer.


Satam PD type with Rate of Flow gauge


Hoses to EN1361
Reel Hose Main - 38mm x 15m long
Hose Can Filling - 16mm x 5m long

Fuel Hoses

OPW 38mm Trigger Hose

Refueller Tank

7,000L constructed in stainless steel with 3% expansion allowance. One external Ø500mm manhole/lids with pressure vacuum vents with tilt safety valve and flame traps on vent valves. Internal Ø610mm access manholes. Calibrated dipstick. Valenced tank top to protect the handrails and manlids in the event of a roll over. Constructed to ADR Type T2 (1.5 bar) rating

Safety Systems

Front access ladder, manually actuated folding safety rail and non-slip walkway. Overfill prevention system. Fire extinguisher – 2 x 9kg BC dry powder fitting inside enclosed container. Bonding reel – manual rewind with 20m of low temperature insulated copper cable


Brake interlock system to prevent vehicle being driven away during fuelling operations


Stainless steel in grade 304


Single pedestal mounted hosereels with double race ball bearing intervals and hydraulic rewind